Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Photography

sandhole oak barn wedding photography

Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Photography by David Stubbs

Glorious sunshine, kilts and a lake – Carol and Dougie’s Sandhole Oak Barn wedding was a belter and I couldn’t be more happy with the photographs. This was prominently a Scottish wedding with lots of traditional Scottish wedding features throughout. Before heading into Cheshire for their Sandhole Oak Barn wedding reception later in the day, they had the most beautiful church ceremony. Carol looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, and her flawless make-up was by Manchester make-up artist Rachael Bottomley.

The bridesmaids, parents and some guests were transported to the Sandhole Oak Barn wedding from the church by a vintage bus you can see below. Easily picked as the transport for the day because it was named ‘Lady Carol’ – perfect. In this blog post you will see some awesome aerial photos at the barn. These were taken by a guest of the wedding from their quadcopter drone and kindly given to me to edit and include in the final collection. The pilot and aerial photographer for these images was David Johnson of Aerial Video TV, please taken a minute to have a look at his website and work.
I thoroughly enjoyed my first time photographing a Sandhole Oak Barn wedding. Absolutely stunning venue, delicious food, awesome photograph opportunities and such nice people. I am very much looking forward to photographing my next Sandhole Oak Barn wedding.

bus weightingSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (120)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (119)shoes on book casewedding flowersSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (115)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (114)dad pops the bubblesSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (112)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (111)friend giving a big hug and smileSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (109)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (108)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (107)eye lashesSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (105)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (104)dads looks oncoming down the stairsSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (101)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (100)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (99)putting the veil inSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (97)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (96)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (95)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (94)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (93)tarntan Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (91)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (90)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (89)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (87)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (86)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (84)about to entreSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (82)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (81)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (80)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (79)black and white photo inside the churchSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (77)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (76)time togetherSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (74)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (73)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (72)big hug from dadSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (70)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (68)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (67)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (66)getting int he wedding carSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (64)photo of sandhole oak barnSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (62)heartsSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (60)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (59)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (58)arriving Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (56)sandhole oak barn aerial photosandhole from outsideSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (54)having a drinkdressed for wedding at Sandhole Oak barnSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (51)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (50)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (49)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (48)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (47)scotish weddign cakeSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (45)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (44)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (43)sandhole oak barn wedding photographySandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (42)receiving line for weddingSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (40)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (39)mum having a laughSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (37)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (36)whisky drinkingSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (34)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (33)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (32)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (31)int he field wedding daywalking togetherSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (27)dadSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (25)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (24)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (23)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (22)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (21)hands on head in shamelaughign at speechesSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (18)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (17)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (16)evening light in colourSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (14)first dance at the barnblack and white first danceSandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (11)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (10)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (9)Sandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (8)scotish danceaerial phoography of sandhole oak barnsandhole oak barn wedding photographySandhole-Oak-Barn-photographer (5)carols wedding dresssun coming through the veilcouple stood by the lake at Sandhole Cheshirewalking back into the barn att he end of the dayview from above the lake at sandhole

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