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jewish wedding photography manchester

If you have never been to a Jewish wedding before, then you are missing out on a life experience. This was my first time I photographed a Jewish wedding which took place at Dunkenhalgh Hall near Manchester. I knew there would be antics during the celebrations but I was in for a shock – Rachel and James hoisted high up on chairs, flung around the dance floor, James thrown in the air by his groomsmen – not once but twice, Rachel skipped a table cloth, and then more tossing around the dancefloor. You would have though this happened at the end of the night – but no! In between each course of the meal the band returned to the stage, everyone got up (and I mean everyone) and went at it again.

Good friend and London Wedding Photographer ace Mark Seymour assisted in covering the 300+ guest wedding. Between us we took to the dance floor and had the time of our lives. I had no idea being a Jewish wedding photographer in Manchester, or anywhere else, would be so much fun; hard work, but fun!

Below is only a snippet of the photos taken, only around 40 of the 700+ photos Rachel and James got. They’re all in black and white, that’s because…well… I’m in a bit of a black and white mood today. These photos have nothing to do with fancy flowers, or colourful dresses, it’s about fun, expressions and emotion, black and white is perfect for this. Enjoy looking through! Oh, I have photographed another Jewish wedding since, see it here: Summer Jewish Wedding.

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