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It was just the best day being a Styal Lodge wedding photographer. It is still an incredible venue, like a large wooden cabin, set in the Cheshire countryside, the perfect backdrop and setting. Ian and Nicole’s day was a little different to weddings I usually photograph as the day had many Chinese traditions built into the day. Tea ceremonies, three dresses and lot of crazy dancing at the end of the night. A Styal Lodge wedding to remember.

Unposed, relaxed photography

Ian and Nicole hired wedding entertainer and legend Paul Guard to lead the evening events. I have never seen guests, at Styal Lodge or otherwise, have so much fun. What an incredible day, a joy to have a camera in my hand! It was great being back as a wedding photographer at Styal Lodge and looking forward to returning soon. Here are just a few images from their day, what a top day to be a photographer. If you are getting married at Styal Lodge, or anywhere else, and looking forward to natural and unposed wedding photography, then please get in touch for more details.


Suits, Style and Confetti

I started the day with Ian and the boys, before then heading over to Styal Lodge to be with Nicole and the girls. Usually I mention the brides dress and the designer but today I must mention Ian’s suit. Nicole wore three dresses in all – I’ll come to that. The first ceremony of the day was the Chinese Tea ceremony. The bridesmaids finally let Ian into the room, then the tea ceremony could take place. Nicole wore a red Chinese wedding dress that was highly detailed. With an hour to spare before the English civil ceremony took place, we headed into the gardens for some relaxed photos. As a Styal Lodge wedding photographer you are spoilt for choice. Not only are the gardens incredible to photograph, but after a short golf buggy trip there is a tranquil lake and jetty. Not long after they were married, it was time to shoot the confetti. The flower girls handed it out and it was thrown completely covering the newly wed couple. The bridesmaids and guests all helped remove it from Nicole’s hair.

Styal Lodge looks incredible in Wedding Photos

Wedding photography at Styal Lodge is exceptional due to the venue’s unique features that enhance every shot. The lodge’s modern yet rustic design, with its high ceilings and exposed wooden beams, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for capturing intimate moments. Large windows flood the space with natural light, ensuring bright and vibrant photos that highlight the joy and beauty of the occasion. The surrounding picturesque gardens and woodland provide stunning outdoor backdrops. The lush greenery, charming water features, and scenic pathways offer endless opportunities for breathtaking shots, from romantic couple portraits to candid moments with guests. The lodge’s serene lake and beautifully landscaped grounds add an extra touch of elegance to the photos at Styal Lodge.

Styal Lodge also boasts versatile indoor spaces, including the cozy lounge area and stylish bridal suite, perfect for capturing preparation shots and quiet moments. This combination of natural beauty and thoughtfully designed interiors ensures that wedding photography at Styal Lodge is both diverse and visually captivating, resulting in a truly memorable wedding gallery.

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