Unplugged Wedding Ceremony – Est 2016


Have you every wondered what an unplugged wedding ceremony is?

More and more weddings I photograph are having an unplugged ceremonies. As a wedding photographer who shoots in a documentary style, that is totally natural without stopping or staging anything, it is my job to capture real moments. If a moment is captured for real, then it becomes a real memory of something happening on your special day. It’s my job as ‘the professional’ to record these memories for you, that is what I have been hired to do. There is no need for others to record these moments also.

Sometimes guests ruin photos by taking photos

That special moment the bride walks down the isle with a loved one giving her away, the loving words of promise during the ceremony itself, then walking back down the isle as a married couple – what a special time in someone life that is… a one and only moment. I feel guests and family should enjoy this moment with you, and not concern or worry themselves with taking photos themselves. It is after all, the very reason why I have been hired to be there. It doesn’t happen at every wedding, but it is certainly not uncommon for guests to ruin some my photos of these special moments. That is where an unplugged wedding ceremony comes in.

Let’s make 2016 the year of the unplugged wedding ceremony!

Please share and pass this post onto anyone you know getting married. As you guests to not take photos during your ceremony. Let your professional do his job. Your guests should and will enjoy your special moment together, after all, isn’t this why you have asked them to attend?

Please have a look at some photos that have been ruined by guests taking photos. Imagine what each photo would have been like without if they had an unplugged wedding ceremony.

mum and dad unplugged
Bride’s mum & groom’s dad blocking my (and the groom’s) view
Should I have an unplugged wedding ceremony?
Standing in the isle to get that perfect shot…
Unplugged wedding ceremonies 2016
Guests at the front, with noisy cameras and using flash
Bride & groom being congratulated by pride Gran
Bride & groom being congratulated by proud gran
wedding ceremony should be unplugged
It’s all about the kids… and the cameras…

If you know someone getting married, please show them this post. I wish EVERY wedding had an unplugged ceremony.

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