Hilltop Country House Wedding Photography – Tom & Robyn

 Hilltop Country House wedding photography

Tom & Robyn’s Hilltop Country House Wedding

For her wedding in November last year, Robyn wore the most stunning vintage dress from The Case of the Curious Bride boutique. To match, hand-made vintage head wear by Ivory Tuesday – Robyn looked elegant and beautiful. Hilltop Country House in Cheshire was the setting for their early winter wedding. Hilltop is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Cheshire, family owned and every couple is well looked after by the amazing owners Martin and Clare.

After all the chaos of the bridal preparations in the morning, Robyn and Tom got married in church before having their Hilltop Country House Wedding reception. It rain for a while, but luckily it cleared and we were able to venture into the venues gardens for natural photos of them together. As autumn was coming to an end, there was still plenty of colour to use in the photos, like the red ivy and the burnt orange coloured leaves, ready to fall for winter. Hilltop Country House wedding photography couldn’t be easier. A joy to be photographing at such a top venue.

After some funny speeches we headed out for one last photo together as the skies colours turned a deep blue – take a look below. After a touch of light-painting with sparklers, it was onto the dance floor for the first dance, then into the party room where the band played into the night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the wedding and looking forward to returning again to Hilltop soon. Thank you to Cheshire wedding photographer Paul Atherton for assisting me on this.

hilltopvintage dress curious brideshoes by fire placewedding flowersbridal portrait prepHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-9Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-9aHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-11mother of the brideHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-14putting on the wedding dressHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-17Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-18make up artist at work at weddingHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-20Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-21dad coming into the roomthe church low angleHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-23bHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-24shoes stuck in grillHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-27Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-29Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-31Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-32Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-33bridesmaids waiting outside the churchHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-37getting out the car with vintage dressHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-39Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-39aHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-41Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-42at the front fo the churchHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-45Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-46girl in the churchHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-47ivory Tuesday head wearHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-51Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-52Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-54Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-55leaving the wedding Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-59Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-59aHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-61Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-62Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-63guests laughingHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-66Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-68confetti photography at weddingHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-71stunning dress by case of the curious brideHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-73Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-74Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-77rain droplets on the carHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-79Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-80Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-81stunning bride portraitHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-83couples photographyphoto in a field near hilltop country housewhole group shotHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-88Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-89Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-90Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-91wedding breakfast room set-up at hilltop in cheshireHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-93Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-94Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-95Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-98Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-100Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-101Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-102wedding speeches - groomHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-104Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-105Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-106guests having funHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-108evening photography hilltop country houseHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-109Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-110Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-111cheshires hilltop country house at nightlight painting sparklersHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-114Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-115Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-116first dance time for the coupleHilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-118Hilltop-Country-house-wedding-photographer-119dance room with wedding band

 Hilltop Country House Weddings by David Stubbs Photgraphy 2014


  • 21/03/2014 - 8:26 PM

    Jennie Scott - Love the photos Robyn and Tom gave us a real laugh when we came across the shoe incident. Ian has since rectified the whole drainage and drain cover situation at this entrance to the church thus ensuring your groom will be the last to have such a good laugh. A spin off is that I am now available for hire at christenings, funerals and other family events at which I give a new twist to that performance on request lol. The post wedding disco looked fun – not really sure what happened to my father whilst we were in A&E but whatever it was he seemed very happy on our return so well done for making his day a memorable one for all the family.
    Hope you are both well and enjoying married life
    Lots of love Jennie and Ian xxxReplyCancel

  • 21/03/2014 - 9:08 PM

    Janet Sainthouse - Gorgeous wedding photography. Love the images of the bride in front of the red leavesReplyCancel

  • 22/03/2014 - 6:14 PM

    joanne Ingle - love.. Amazing photosReplyCancel

  • 23/03/2014 - 1:51 AM

    Suchitra - Amazing pictures as always! I especially loved the picture where the arch frames the happy couple out in the garden.ReplyCancel

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