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Photographic Life Experience!

Once again I am writing about my incredible journey and photographic experience in Zanzibar, a small island off Tanzania, and I am struggling. Words do not due this justice. One of my favourite weddings I have ever been too and I simply miss it all. To date I have turned down photographing quite a few destination weddings as my family is young and it would be hard for me to be away, but this was too good an opportunity to decline. Sue and Jits had such a special few days on Zanzibar, and I spent the entire time with my camera in hand shooting anything that moved!

This is day 3 of 3 days. You can read and see pictures from the first two wedding days of celebration here – Day 1, Day 2.

Island of Zanzibar, Tanzania

This has to be one of the most beautiful and photogenic locations in the entire world. The island in East Africa has white sandy beaches along it’s coast and some of the most friendly people you will ever meet. The wedding was held at the stunning resort by the coast, with it’s fishing boats and coral reef. The main ceremony was held outside in the blistering sun. I have no idea how Sue and Jits wore the layers they did, in traditional wedding dress. I felt a little out of place as I was in shorts and shirt, but there was no other way.

Wedding Party on the Beach

My wife and I talk about core memories, they are few and far between. These are memories that stay with you forever and help shelf your left. The entire wedding was certainly one, but a particular moment stands out in my mind. Standing by the beach, in the pitch black, watching the wedding guests party to some classic Bollywood music. I tried to capture what it felt like, I tried. I would interested to know if I somewhat succeeded. That moment on Zanzibar, photographing this wedding – I will never forget.

Once again, an enormous thank you to both families of the newlyweds. Your kindness moved me and I hope to catch up with everyone soon.
looking over the beach beach resortboat out to sea fishingwhat a backdropgroomdressgroomsmen heavy indian dressthrough leavesresortguests arrivingtraditional celebration drumsmusic and celebrationarriving on white beachwalkingtraditional fun timessetting flowersbridemaids in the morningplaying with wedding dressmake-upbride and jewelry bride close-upindian jewelry. carried to be wedrising abovedancingmother of brideconcealed revealed fromt he back over seasleeping in the sunsmileshands during speechdads blessingwedding partyhugskids peering roundholding toefun and laughtermoney in handsmum and wedding photographerriding bike on zanzibar beachzanzibar weddingfishing boats out to seagirls playing in the waternewlyweds walking along the beachgreat light through lensdad hugmum crying goodbyedad a beartears and emotionwonderful light through palm treesEast Africa wedding on Zanzibarprayerfiregirl by pool on resortfinding ringringresort on islandpalm leaveswedding breakfastjoy and dancinggrooms speechcouple look onwedding cake reactioncake cuttinguncle speechshotsevening foodparty timedancing on the beachclose-up of bridesmaid guests reactionzanzibar photography at weddingfunguests huddled togetherparty on the beach zanzibar weddingbride and groom danceheat of the weddingbeach resortwide angle lenszanzibar babybollywood dancinglife experienceraised in the airnight time photo of wedding
I hope one day I get to travel back to Zanzibar to photograph another wedding in my natural style. I miss it, I miss the backdrops, the colours, the heat, the people and just spending time at beautiful weddings. If you are getting married and looking for someone to capture the memories for you in a relaxed and natural style, please see my contact page and drop me a line to discuss more.

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