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storrs hall weddings photography

I have always had a natural love for the Lakes. My family and I holiday in various locations around the Lakes and love the area so much that Lois and I got married hereĀ ourselves. I was over the moon to be asked to photograph Jo and Matt’s Storrs Hall wedding on Windermere – wow, what a beautiful setting to have an early summer wedding!

Storrs Hall is a stunning hotel on the shores of Windermere. Weddings are Storrs Hall until Jo and Matt’s wedding always took place inside under the impressive circular roof, but for the very first time, having only just been built, they got married under their new outdoor Pavilion. Can you imagine how incredible their Storrs Hall wedding ceremony was – over looking Windermere. Jo had three bridesmaids who made the morning of their wedding day fun and entertaining. After the ceremony drinks and food outside before heading onto the Windermere Lake cruise for more drinks. Guests were treated to the views across the Lake (for any Lakes enthusiasts out there like myself, I know it isn’t a ‘lake’), before heading back to continue the Storrs Hall wedding. I took Jo and Matt for some photos before their meal, making use of the famous Storrs Hall temple which is set out into the water.

After a delicious meal, and then the speeches it was time for their first dance. Jo and Matt had decorated the room with large colourful decorations which featured great in the photos. It was time to finish and head back to Manchester, but the setting sun was too much to resist some final photos of the wedding day. You need to see these, scroll down!! Thank you to Martin Hambleton who assisted me on the day.

Storrs-Hall-Weddings (143)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (136)gettign the dress onStorrs-Hall-Weddings (123)back fo Jo's dress in black and whitebride int he window at storrs hall looking over windermereStorrs-Hall-Weddings (118)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (117)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (115)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (113)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (108)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (107)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (105)the pavilion at storrs hallStorrs-Hall-Weddings (99)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (96)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (95)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (92)glasses of champagneStorrs-Hall-Weddings (89)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (86)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (84)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (83)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (82)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (81)colour confettiStorrs-Hall-Weddings (71)wedding cruise for drinks receptionStorrs-Hall-Weddings (67)guests seated in balck and whiteStorrs-Hall-Weddings (63)storrs hall view fromt he lakethe bride and groom walking along the jettyStorrs-Hall-Weddings (47)storrs hall temple wedding photographStorrs-Hall-Weddings (44)int he woodsStorrs-Hall-Weddings (42)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (40)walking along the jettyStorrs-Hall-Weddings (36)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (35)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (34)wedding speechesStorrs-Hall-Weddings (31)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (30)laughing at the speechesback lit dress photograph in colourstunning lightback of the dress in black and whiteStorrs-Hall-Weddings (21)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (19)Storrs-Hall-Weddings (15)silhouette first dance flashloving moment at storrs hallstunnign bride over windermerelake district wedding sunsetstorrs hall sunsetstorrs hall weddings int he lake district

Storrs Hall Wedding Photography by wedding photographer David Stubbs

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