Briars Hall Wedding Photography – Neil & Natalie

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I’m struggling to know where to begin with Neil and Natalie’s Briars Hall wedding. Set near Lathom in Lancashire, Briars Hall is a superb venue to have a wedding reception. This is where both Neil and Natalie got ready on the morning of their wedding. Natalie had the most stunning dress which looked stunning both hung up and on. Neil and his groomsmen also got ready at Briars Hall, had a few drinks in the bar before heading over to Lathom Chapel for the wedding ceremony. What a beautiful location to have a small and charming chapel, certainly a dream location to have a wedding, especially in spring when the flowers are all in bloom looking their best.

One of my favourite photographs of the day was when Natalie and her bridesmaids, and dad where all hovering in the doorway of the chapel. It sums up the nerves and the fussing there always is before entering. After their lovely ceremony they had confetti on the way to the wedding cars. From Lathom Chapel to Briars Hall was only a mile, but I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to take Neil and Natalie for some photos in the fields near by. Some of my favourite photos of the day. Then it was onto their Briars Hall wedding reception.

The room was decorated beautifully with marquee style dressing that gave it a light and bright feel. You must see the photos of this before, Briars Hall looking its best. In the evening Pier Fun Casinos had set-up a roulette and Black-jack table  for the guests to enjoy. Neil’s brother had been doing incredibly well, accumulating around 100 times as much as he had been given to start with. At the very end he put it all on red, and lost, losing out on a bottle of champagne! Never mind!

A top party and photo-booth made the evening celebrations. Neil and Nat, thank you so much for asking me to be part of your special day, how much fun was it! Looking forward to designing and making you a Folio fine-art album to remember your day for the rest of your lives!

Natalie’s stunning dress is by internationally renowned bridal designer David Turera – absolutely stunning! See more of designs here:

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Briars Hall Weddings by David Stubbs Photography – 2014

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