2015 Solar Eclipse


It think myself very lucky everyday when I think about the job I do – I take photos for a living. Week in week out I carry my camera capturing memories for couples at their weddings. On the 20th March 2015 a unique opportunity presented itself, I could photograph the 2015 Solar Eclipse at a wedding.

2015 Solar Eclipse

How the image was taken

The eclipse took place at 9:28am, much earlier than either couple arriving at Knowsley Hall near Liverpool, so it wouldn’t be possible to capture the couple in the photo. So I wanted to feature part of the building as a reminder that the eclipse took place on their wedding day. Knowsley has a grand statue of an Eagle right in the centre of the building. Although not perfectly aligned to the eclipse’s location in the sky to get the best silhouette, the angle did give a striking outline to it. I took a few frames and was happy with the results, but out of pure luck three pigeons flew in and landed on the stature right past the eclipse. With the camera in ‘live view’ mode as not to burn my eyes, I could only press the shutter twice in the time it took for all three birds to land, so tried to time it perfectly. I was lucky!


Camera: Nikon D810 (using every bit of it’s 36.6mp sensor)
Lens: Nikkor 70-200 VR2 @ 200mm
ISO: 64
Shutter: 400th/s
F-stop: f/22
Filter: 8x ND
Taken in-hand
This image is NOT a composite


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