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Spring was finally here but rain threatened to come for David and Claire’s Stirk House wedding. When I arrived in the morning at Claire’s mum’s house for the bridal preparations it had already started to rain, but before we all left for the church is stopped and didn’t come back! We had lots of fun in the morning before the wedding as Claire was surrounded by her close friends and bridesmaids. Claire’s dad seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress was an emotional time which got most people going, especially Claire’s mum!

After leaving Claire to meet David at the church I was greeted by a bunch of daft groomsmen. David and the boys made the whole day feel fun and relaxed and it was a pleasure to be a photographer at. The bridesmaids arrived in a VW camper van and Claire arrived in an old VW Beetle! After a lovely service by a vicar who embraced the idea of not stopping and posing the signing of the register and getting it for real (not that common), we headed outside for congratulations and confetti. It was then over to Stirk House wedding venue for their reception.

As a Stirk House wedding photographer I was looking forward to the trees being in full blossom making Stirk House look just beautiful. A fantastic venue to have a wedding. David and Claire were going on a year long honeymoon touring the world, so naturally they went for a travel theme for their tables. This included a map seating plan and place names of destinations they had been before and were going back to visit. The weather stayed nice so we got lots of timeless photos in the grounds, using the blossom and colours around. At the end of the speeches, David surprised Claire with a home made video telling the story of how they met, with his best man playing the part of Claire – totally hilarious!!  This ended with a video rendition Brian Adams’ Everything I Do, David dressed as Robin hood and all… totally brilliant – you should see the reaction shots below.

Here is a small selection of photos from their Stirk House wedding:

dress hanging upStirk-house-wedding-photographer-4looking at the wedding dressflowers on the chairclose-up of the flowersbridesmaid laughingStirk-house-wedding-photographer-10aeye lashes putting in by muaStirk-house-wedding-photographer-12Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-14getting in her wedding dressStirk-house-wedding-photographer-17close up photographyStirk-house-wedding-photographer-19beautiful black and whitedad seeing his daughter for the first timemum crying seeing her daughterStirk-house-wedding-photographer-27Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-28churchgroomgroomsmens flowers and coloursStirk-house-wedding-photographer-32happy vicarStirk-house-wedding-photographer-34boys standing outside the chruchStirk-house-wedding-photographer-37vw campervan arriving with bridesmaidsStirk-house-wedding-photographer-41Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-42bride getting out of the carStirk-house-wedding-photographer-45Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-47Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-48walking down the islewedding service in chirch before Stirk house weddingStirk-house-wedding-photographer-51Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-52exchanging fo the ringsStirk-house-wedding-photographer-54view from aboveStirk-house-wedding-photographer-55happy married coupleStirk-house-wedding-photographer-58Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-59Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-60Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-61Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-62Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-63Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-64Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-65stunning black and white photographyStirk-house-wedding-photographer-68confetti throwStirk-house-wedding-photographer-70Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-71bride and groom inside vw beetle on their way to stirk house weddingstirk house weddingsspring flowersStirk-house-wedding-photographer-76Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-77brides dress reflected int he carStirk-house-wedding-photographer-79brenizer method photo 19 framesStirk-house-wedding-photographer-81Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-82travel themeStirk-house-wedding-photographer-82bbreakfast flowersbird cage details at weddingtable photosStirk-house-wedding-photographer-91Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-92Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-93abrides dressStirk-house-wedding-photographer-98Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-99flwoer girl holding wedding dressStirk-house-wedding-photographer-101Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-102Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-108Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-109Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-110Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-111Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-112mad groomStirk-house-wedding-photographer-114Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-115Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-116Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-117Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-118Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-119Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-120Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-121Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-122funny speeches Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-124Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-125Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-126Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-127watching video at speechesStirk-house-wedding-photographer-130Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-131Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-132Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-133Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-135stirk house weddingStirk-house-wedding-photographer-139Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-140Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-142Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-143Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-144Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-145Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-146wedding photography at stirk houseStirk-house-wedding-photographer-149first danceStirk-house-wedding-photographer-151Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-153Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-154Stirk-house-wedding-photographer-155

A massive congratulations to David and Claire, who are still only in the early stages of their year long honeymoon. I had such an amazing time and looking forward to designing and making your albums.

I received this kind email from David & Claire who were in China after seeing their wedding photos for the first time on their online photo gallery:

“Hi David,

Wow! These are absolutely amazing! We’ve just watched the slideshow now as we sit in our little courtyard, behind our little guesthouse, in a little town, in not so little China.
You have done such a great job, you were a pleasure to work with before and throughout the day and the photos are everything we could have wanted and more. It’s been such a joy looking back at the day.
Thank you so much. Cheers!”
Click on the photo below to see the video David made for Claire which was shown at the end of speeches:
link to speech video

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