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Liverpool weddings are great for me as they’re not too far from home and I know Liverpool well. However, the wedding of Jonathan and Judit was one of the most unusual and memorable days from beginning to end.  As Jonathan is Chinese and Judit Hungarian this was going to be a very interesting wedding. I was so excited for their wedding knowing there was a Star Wars theme!

Judit’s family had traveled over from Hungary so the occasion was not only a wedding but also a heart-warming family reunion.  Jonathan is an avid Star Wars fan, and all the guests were pleasantly surprised as they came out of the Liverpool Church to discover the wedding had a Star Wars Theme. Judit arrived looking stunning in her beautiful dress – hard not to take great photos. The groomsmen brought a smile to everyone’s faces with their light sabers strapped to their waists. Storm troopers formed a guard of honour and a great photo was taken of the happy couple looking ecstatic as they left the church.  The Star Wars music playing in the background made the moment even more memorable. A unique Liverpool wedding, but certainly a lot of fun.

Following the church service, St George’s Hall was the setting for some wonderful photos of the bride and groom.  Judit looked stunning in her elegant dress.  The lavender growing in abundance around the gardens complimented the wedding dress perfectly. The tall columns at St Georges make for timeless wedding photography.

Next the wedding party moved onto the Liner Hotel to be entertained by traditional Chinese dancers and a Kung Fu scene including Chinese dragons.   The vibrant colours were captured and some incredible shots of bride, groom and guests with the dancers and dragons.   This was all topped off with a Chinese tea ceremony to end what had been a most memorable experience. This was definitely a very different wedding but will stand out as one of the most unique experiences ever.  All the guests were thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.   The day was perfectly captured from the flashing light sabres to the fantastic colours of the dragons. As Liverpool Weddings go, it was definitely one I’ll remember for years to come.

liverpool churchLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-3groom arriving

Jonathan – “My wife and I are both creative individuals, albeit in opposite ways, but isn’t that what all worthwhile relationships are about? My beautiful wife is an elegant woman, and wanted something practical yet graceful, quality but not extortionate. Me? I’m a lifelong fan of the original Star Wars films, and I’m also a student of Liverpool Kung Fu club – both of which are very important to me. Now before you think that this was an episode of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ – let me assure you that the day was perfectly balanced; and a lot of it was due to David Stubbs and his professional expertise.”

Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-5Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-6vicar with light sabre

It’s not everyday you see a vicar holding a Light Saber!

Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-8Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-9Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-11looking coolLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-14

star wars groomsmen

Jonathan – “In a nutshell (and an extensive persuasive exercise from me to my bride), the day was going to go like this: My groomsmen and myself, adorned with replica lightsaber hilts on our tuxes, the service, ending with the ‘Throne Room’ music on our exit, immediately greeted with a surprise guard of honour of Imperial Stormtroopers. Main photo session outside the church, then a dash to a mini photoshoot at St George’s Hall, then straight to the reception venue, where there would be more stormtroopers, plus a performance of 3 Liverpool Kung Fu lions. Loud, fast-paced and colourful; and David was able to capture it all with an artistic spontaneity we are absolutely ecstatic with.”

mother of groom

Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-15Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-16Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-17Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-19Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-20Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-21Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-22Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-23Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-24Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-26Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-27Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-28Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-29Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-30Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-31Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-32Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-33Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-34Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-35Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-36bride arrivingLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-93wedding flowersbride waiting to enterLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-39Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-40Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-41Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-42Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-43singing during churchLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-45Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-46Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-47Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-48Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-49Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-50Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-52Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-54Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-55Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-56vicar with hat onLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-58Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-59Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-60Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-61Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-62Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-64storm trooper salute as leave the churchstar wars theme weddingLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-67Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-68Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-69liverpool wedding photographyLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-71Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-72Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-73dtorm troppersLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-75Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-77Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-78off camera flash in church doorwayst georges garden in liverpoolclose up black and whiteLiverpool-wedding-photograpy1-5Liverpool-wedding-photograpy1-6Liverpool-wedding-photograpy1-8on the stairs at St Georges HallSt Georges Hall big doors photographyLiverpool-wedding-photograpy1-11liverpool weddingbride photo on stairs of St georgecool looking groomLiverpool-wedding-photograpy1-15Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-95Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-96Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-97Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-98Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-99Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-100liner hotel weddingLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-102frogLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-104Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-105Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-106star warsLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-108Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-109Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-110Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-111Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-112Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-113Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-114dancing at weddingLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-116Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-117chinese dragon dancing at weddingLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-120chinese dragonLiverpool-wedding-photograpy-121Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-122Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-123Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-124Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-125Liverpool-wedding-photograpy-126Jonathan & Judit – “David provided a friendly, creative, knowledgable and professional service from our very first meeting. When we discussed our ideas we were impressed at how he strategically worked out a timeline for us all to work to. On the day, he was extremely efficient, even when things got a little crazy and he kept a focussed cool head about what needed to be done and when. My wife and I (and a lot of our guests from the day) are very happy with the results and cannot recommend David’s skills and expertise highly enough.”

Liverpool Wedding Photography by David Stubbs

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    Przemek Górecki - OMG Stormtroopers on a wedding! – it’s awesone!!! 🙂ReplyCancel

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    Johnboy Wilson - Great work Dave, I’ve got to get me a storm trooper outfit!ReplyCancel

  • 25/02/2014 - 1:08 PM

    paul atherton - Interesting set of images david – nicely processed inside the church – Ive worked there and it can be tricky. Good stuff.ReplyCancel

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