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Jewish Wedding Photographer

Very occasionally I get a call from a Jewish family asking if I am available to be their Jewish wedding photographer. Jess’ grandfather called me and after seeing previous work of mine taken at a Jewish wedding he invited me around to speak to the family. Jewish weddings are the most intense weddings I have ever been too – they are none stop! I loved photographing every second of this wedding, so please have a scroll through the photos and see what an incredible day Bobby and Jess had. The stunning flowers are my The Flower Lounge in Didsbury.

The day stated beautifully with the sun out and with the girls getting ready at Haslington Hall in Cheshire.  I used the light coming from the window nearest to Jess to create a soft stunning look. Positioning myself in just the perfect angle is the key as I don’t ever stop, pose or move a bride at any wedding. Shortly after this Bobby arrived and headed to get ready in the hall. Once all the boys were ready they headed down to one of my favourite times at a Jewish wedding, and that is the groom’s Tisch. Most of the men at the wedding, along with the Rabbi tightly packed into one room. Lots of fun and laughter as always, as well as drinking! With 20+ men with shots in their hands, the entire room was intoxicating. Fun times!

After the beautiful start to the day, the weather actually turned worse with a heavy downpour. Jess and Bobby where desperate to get married outside, but during her veiling, the sun came back, hotter than before actually, and the chuppah was again moved outside for the ceremony. Glorious sunshine, blue sky, and a field full of excited cows near by made the ceremony a special one. For entertainment later in the day, they had the incredible Sam Fitton who is an award winning wedding magician. As a Jewish wedding photographer, Sam made for great photographs as guests laughed and laughed at the clever stuff he was doing.

After the meal we headed outside for some portraits in the sun – how beautiful! You must see them below. Then it was onto the evening party, a full band entertained everyone into the night. What an incredible Jewish wedding. None stop but so so much fun. I’m very much looking forward to being a photographer at my next Jewish wedding. Thank you to the talented Andrew Billington and Andrew Keher for assisting me on this wedding.

colour of the jewish wedding venueJewish Wedding Photographer-4bride from a distanceblack and white protrait fo the girl getting marriedgrooms walking belowJewish Wedding Photographer-14Jewish Wedding Photographer-16Jewish Wedding Photographer-17raining hard at the weddingstart of the tischJewish Wedding Photographer-26Jewish Wedding Photographer-25Jewish Wedding Photographer-27Jewish wedding photographerJewish Wedding Photographer-30Jewish Wedding Photographer-32Jewish Wedding Photographer-34outside jewish wedding ceremonystunnign photograph of the brideJewish Wedding Photographer-40Jewish Wedding Photographer-42Jewish Wedding Photographer-43putting the veil over herJewish Wedding Photographer-46Jewish Wedding Photographer-49Jewish Wedding Photographer-51Jewish Wedding Photographer-52Jewish Wedding Photographer-55Jewish Wedding Photographer-56Jewish Wedding Photographer-57Jewish Wedding Photographer-59cows doing it in the fieldJewish Wedding Photographer-61veil being blown int he windJewish Wedding Photographer-64Jewish Wedding Photographer-65Jewish Wedding Photographer-66Jewish Wedding Photographer-67Jewish Wedding Photographer-68confetti afterwardskids having funJewish Wedding Photographer-72Jewish Wedding Photographer-73tears for guestsJewish Wedding Photographer-77sam fitton award wining magicianJewish Wedding Photographer-79magic trickJewish Wedding Photographer-81kids playing with their toysbride selfieJewish dancingJewish Wedding Photographer-87having lots of fun Jewish Wedding Photographer-90Jewish Wedding Photographer-91Jewish Wedding Photographer-92Jewish Wedding Photographer-93mum goign crazyJewish Wedding Photographer-95hassington hall weddingsJewish Wedding Photographer-99Jewish Wedding Photographer-101Jewish Wedding Photographer-103Jewish Wedding Photographer-104Jewish Wedding Photographer-105Jewish Wedding Photographer-108sam fitton magicianJewish Wedding Photographer-111sun shining in the eveningJewish Wedding Photographer-112Jewish Wedding Photographer-113Jewish Wedding Photographer-116Jewish Wedding Photographer-118andrew billingon photographyfirst danceJewish Wedding Photographer-124Jewish Wedding Photographer-125Jewish Wedding Photographer-126Jewish Wedding Photographer-127Jewish Wedding Photographer-129Jewish Wedding Photographer-130natural light only photographJewish Wedding Photographer-134best jewish wedding to photograph

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