SEO Workshops for Wedding Photographers

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is possibly the most important form of marketing which enables your website to be seen and identified by search engines (mainly Google), so when prospective couples search the internet for suppliers or information that might help plan their wedding, your website is thrust upon them. There are an enormous amount of wedding photography websites out there, all wanting to be higher up the Google rankings to be seen by couples, but only the websites with effective SEO strategies will be in the top 10.

Can I do it myself?

Yes, totally! It does take lots of hard work to be able to rank well on Google, but this can be done on your own. There are SEO companies out there who can do this for you, but in the long term this is a very expensive option. By learning and implementing good SEO strategies yourself, you can monitor it’s progress anytime you wish, and you are set-up to continue Google SEO strategies throughout your career, without relying on others to do it for you.

“There’s no way I’m giving you a testimonial – you’re my websites best kept secret!”

– Paul Rogers

What if I’m not wordpress?

Not a problem at all. SEO is the same regardless of what format your website is. My teachings and philosophies are exactly the same. My own website is WordPress, which means I will be using this in many of my examples, however previous attendees of the workshop who are not WordPress have said they could easily see how it translated to their own websites.

“David has a refreshingly honest approach to SEO that identified key areas I needed to improve. His no-nonsense methods clearly work wonders as I climbed from page 10 of Google to Number 1 – Top Spot for Liverpool”

-Andrew Keher

My Background

I’m a successful wedding photographer based in the north-west who uses SEO as the core source for filling my diary, shooting over 50 weddings a year for the past 5 years.

  • Rank number 1 or 2 for ‘Manchester Wedding Photographer’ and most of its variations, including supplemented keywords such as ‘best’ or ‘top’.
  • Rank number 1 or 2 for ‘North West Wedding Photographer’ and its variations like above.
  • Rank number 1 or 2 for over 40 wedding venues and the keyword variations.
  • Rank page 1 for over 60 wedding venues.
  • 200-350 organic Google hits a day to my website
  • 1500+ wedding enquiries a year, approx 70% of which have found me due to a strong SEO ranking.


SEO for wedding photographers workshop details

A full day SEO for wedding photographers workshop. Starting from the ground up – the course is aimed at all abilities. Approximately 6 or 7 hours is needed to go over everything in enough detail for you to walk away confident with what to do. If you feel you know very little about SEO then we will be covering the basics first. For anyone who already knows a good amount of SEO knowledge, by starting from the beginning this will ensure you won’t have any gaps or holes in your strategy. It might also iron out any misconceptions you might have. The workshop will be also going into much more detail and advanced strategies that will help rank you higher than your competitors.

Workshop price, lunch included: £350
1-2-1 via Skype (4.5 hours over 2 sessions): £395

Brief Overview:

  • Stripping it back to the fundamentals
  • An easy to understand SEO philosophy
  • A REAL approach that isn’t technical
  • How couples use Google
  • SEO vs User experience vs Time
  • Onsite and offsite strategies
  • Core website ranking
  • Individual blog post ranking
  • Writing great content
  • Clever optimising for key words
  • Structuring posts and pages
  • Categorising & tagging
  • Using images and alt text
  • Social media and SEO
    • A clear analogy that just makes sense
    • Building smart back-links
    • Clever internal link structure
    • Bounce-rate vs Time On Site
    • Integration of videos (Youtube/Vimeo)
    • Minimising any negative impact from future Google updates
    • General misconceptions
    • Monitoring your results
    • Q+A all day
    • Tea, coffee and a big lunch

    Giving you the tools you need to effectively implement your own SEO as you run your everyday business.


Booking on the workshop


31st January 2016 – SOLD OUT
2nd February 2016 – SOLD OUT
2nd March 2016 – SOLD OUT
9th March 2016 – SOLD OUT
15th March 2016 – SOLD OUT
27th September 2016 – SOLD OUT
29th September 2016 – SOLD OUT
8th November 2016 – SOLD OUT
12th January 2017 – SOLD OUT
24th January 2017 – SOLD OUT
9th March 2017 – SOLD OUT
21st September 2017 – SOLD OUT
11th October 2017 – SOLD OUT
23rd January 2018 – SOLD OUT
5th February 2018– SOLD OUT
27th February 2018 – SOLD OUT
12th March 2018 – SOLD OUT
16th April 2018 – SOLD OUT
24th April 2018 – SOLD OUT
14th May 2018 – SOLD OUT
22nd May 2018 – SOLD OUT
25th September 2018 – SOLD OUT
22nd October 2018 – SOLD OUT
12th November 2018 – SOLD OUT
11th December 2018 – SOLD OUT
15th January 2019 – SOLD OUT
5th February 2019 – SOLD OUT
24th March 2019 – SOLD OUT
30th April 2019 – SOLD OUT
10th September – SOLD OUT
24th September – SOLD OUT
12th November – SOLD OUT
21st January 2020 – SOLD OUT
28th January 2020 – SOLD OUT
February 2020 – SOLD OUT


All workshops are held in Manchester (M41 5TW) *except new Videographer only workshop

9:30am start, 5pm finish, lunch included

Tuesday 3rd March 2020 – 3 spaces remaining

Tuesday 10th March 2020 – Videographer’s ONLY – Manchester

Wednesday 18th March 2020 – Videographer’s ONLY – London (N1)

Get in touch to join the mailing list, or to discuss 1-2-1 options.

Workshop Price: £350

SEO 1-2-1 via Skype

If you are struggling to spare a day out of your busy schedule, then I can offer you the option of a 1-2-1 SEO workshop over Skype, this takes 4.5 hours, can be split over 2 sessions, and evenings are available also.

1-2-1 via Skype Price: £395

  • “David’s workshop is excellent. Google is incredibly confusing for us photographers, however David provided clear and concise information on how to improve a websites rankings and optimise wedding venue blog posts. I’m so glad I booked on this course and would highly recommend it to anyone!”

    - Shane Webber
To book a place on a workshop, or to discuss your training needs with David then please complete the form below. For workshops and short term mentoring a £100 deposit is required on booking with the remaining balance due 14 days before. Payments are different for 1 Month Boost and Long Term Mentoring.