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I am hugely lucky to say I am a full time professional Manchester based wedding photographer. Every weekend, I head out to some of the country’s nicest venues, photograph incredible weddings, eat good food and then have the rest of the week off – haha, of course not on that last one. However, to get to the stage I am at now took many many hours of hard work. I have built a wealth of knowledge and experience with what I do. I’m still learning too, everyone is, but I am offering some 1-2-1 bespoke wedding photography training and mentoring courses that will help give your own wedding photography business the push it needs. I was a teacher for 6 years, and the teacher in me wants to share what I know – so nothing held back, I’m here to help you.

Below are details of the training I offer, and information regarding my long-term wedding photography mentoring programme. Please note that all courses are 100% tax deductible against your own business.

Wedding Photography Training

Ryan Rafferty – The hours I spent with David were absolutely invaluable to my work as a photographer. Often, as professional photographers, we have the tendency to get absorbed in our own world, continuing doing things because “that’s the way we always did it”. David’s 1 to 1 sessions are a real shake up – he takes you back to basics and gets you to analyse why you are working the way you are. David is a natural teacher – he lets you discover things for yourself as opposed to simply telling you what to do. Without exaggeration, the work I put in following my first session with David saw me increase my inquiries by almost 50%. Honestly speaking, forget cameras, lenses, adwords and SEO – this was the best money I’ve ever invested in my business.”

I will be sharing anything and everything about my own business. Examining then scrutinising your business. Solid advice on how to evolve and grow. The goal being for you to leave full of confidence knowing what direction to take your business, leading it towards a more successful and profitable one.

“You are by far the best business decision I ever made”

– Andrew Keher

Intensive 1 Month Boost

Exactly as the title describes, this is a one month boost for your business. Aimed at any level of experience or business position. Personally pushed and supported by myself to fill your head with new ideas, how to approach your shooting, and how to give your business a stronger position in the market.

How it works (basic overview):

  • Week 1 – 3 hour Skype call (philosophy, approach, website critique, marketing)
  • Week 2 – 2 hour Skype (monitor changes made from week 1, preparation for 2nd shooting), then second shoot #1
  • Week 3 – 2 hours Skype (review of second shoot, image critique, how to improve, plan for next 2nd shooting)
  • Week 4 – second shoot #2
  • Week 5 – 3 hour Skype call (review of second shoot, monitor of all changes made, review of everything, making plans after the course)

Please note, I am flexible with how I offer this programme, sometimes spreading it over a longer period of time works better depending on your situation – something to discuss. SEO is not part of this course, there is not enough time.

Please get in touch to enquire about availability and price.

“Brutal, but brilliant”

-Andy Griffiths

Long Term Mentoring

Herve Gillet – “David change my vision of wedding photography. After 15 years as a wedding photographer in England, I thought I knew everything. David open my eyes, my style changed and I enjoy ever more now photographing weddings. I can’t thanks David enough”

The mentoring programme has been set-up aimed specifically at those who are looking to take their business to the next level. The aim is very simple, for you to be given the help and guidance needed to run a more successful and profitable business. I have the knowledge, experience and expertise to not only improve your shooting ability, but more importantly, to expand and streamline each business aspect. Having a successful wedding photographer continually by your side, guiding you along the correct path, is a recipe for your success.

Wedding Photography Mentoring is bespoke to you and your current situation, however the programme contains the following:

  • Usually over a 6 or 9 month period
  • Regular and routine Skype sessions for on-going advice
  • Second shoot opportunities at real weddings with me
  • I will second shoot for you, with advice before, during and after
  • 1-2-1 shoot training with real couples (engagement shoot style)
  • 1-2-1 editing training (Photomechanic, Lightroom & Photoshop)
  • 1-2-1 time perfecting business strategies (overall approach as well as marketing, SEO, enquiries, albums etc)
  • My dedication to you and your success

The mentoring programme isn’t for everyone, only candidates who fit certain criteria will be eligible for mentoring.  If you would like to be considered, please send David a message stating your interest and a general overview of your current business situation.

Prices and getting in touch

  • Full 1-2-1 Day – £575
  • 2 hour Skype consultation – £175
  • 3 x 2 hour Skype consultations – £475
  • 1 month boost – price on application
  • Bespoke long term mentoring – price on application

Please to get in touch by completing the form below. Bespoke packages can be built to be best suited your needs. The boost and long term mentoring programmes are very popular and is usually booked several months in advance.

  • David is both a fantastic photographer and a smart business man and by working with him you learn both. The 9 months I spent with him literally changed my whole life – I now have a business that never existed before. If you want to learn you should learn from the best and David is one of the best!

    - Melissa Maloo
To book a place on a workshop, or to discuss your training needs with David then please complete the form below. For workshops and short term mentoring a £100 deposit is required on booking with the remaining balance due 14 days before. Payments are different for 1 Month Boost and Long Term Mentoring.