Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography – Fran + Tyler

hazlewood castle wedding photography

What an incredible day photographing my first Hazlewood Castle wedding. A stunning Yorkshire venue and only an hours drive for me from Manchester. Francesca and Tyler live in California as Tyler is American but Francesca is from the UK. Literally dozens of wedding guests flew over from all over America to join them for their wedding at Hazlewood Castle. Below are just a few of their photos to give you a taste of their day. Natural Hazlewood Castle wedding photography at its best.

Natural Wedding Photography

Both Tyler and Francesca got ready on the grounds, and both had quite an entourage of people with them. The girls wore dresses with slightly different shades of colours which looked just beautiful, and the guys, well, they mainly drank Jack Daniels. The castle has a chapel on the grounds which made for the perfect place for their wedding ceremony. Afterwards it was drinks and I took Francesca and Tyler for a short walk around the grounds for their photos together. The cherry blossom was an obvious place to visit, giving the photos beautiful bright colours as you can see above. A little deeper into the woods was a large blanket of bluebells which couldn’t be missed.

Hazlewood Castle Weddings

What a party! More Jack Daniels, then some more, and everyone crowded the dance floor and danced all night. Very late in the evening, Francesca decided to toss her bouquet, then, strange for a wedding in the UK but traditional in America was the garter toss. First Tyler had to get it from his bride, using is teeth of course, then he fired it into the air for the boys to fight over. Some great photos to see this below.

A huge congratulations to Tyler and Francesca on your wedding and it was a joy being doing your Hazlewood Castle wedding photography. A big thank you to Paul Atherton for second shooting. If you are having a wedding at Hazlewood Castle and looking for a photographer, or any other venue, please get in touch for more details.
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Dress: Allure
Shoes: David’s Bridal
Suits: Freedman’s
Hair and MU: Terri Gregory
Flowers and Venue dressing: Debonair Venue Styling
Videography: Mark Lenik Cinematography

Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photography by David Stubbs

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