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Tom and Anna had the most incredible wedding earlier in the year in Cheshire’s Alderley Edge. As a Alderley Edge wedding photographer I couldn’t wait for their day. Anna got ready at home and had the very talented Sarah Meredith doing the hair and make-up,  before they had their ceremony at St Philip’s in the centre of Alderley Edge. The weather was bright but quite windy which blew Anna’s veil int he air a few times making for quite arty photos. After what can only be described as complete covering of canfetti, all the guests headed over to Festival Hall which is where the wedding reception was going to take place.

Tom and Anna had the car waiting just in case it rained, but because it was such a nice day, we decided to walk over too and get some natural photos of them together in the park. The photo above is my favourite. Anna and Tom (mainly Anna I think!) went to so much effort turning Festival Hall in Alderley Edge into a fun wedding venue. Flowers, drinks, balloons, bunting, and the food was just incredible!! Tom, who is Italian and works in the Italian food industry, had some of the best Italian chefs int he area prefer the meal… anti-pasta, rosotto… wow! As a Alderley Edge wedding photographer I had never been treated to such good food before!

Towards the end of the meal, Tom and Anna had a suprise singing guest… PatElvis! Classic Elvis songs and towards the end a bollwood twist, everyone was on their feel and Festival Hall was filled with people dancing. In the evening they had set out a summer fete with a Mr Whippy van, a pizza van and areas for people to relax and chill in the evening sun.

I had the most incredible day. I love photographing any wedding that is a little different to the normal and extra efforts have been made to make the day unique and special. A massive congratulations to both Tom and Anna! I’m now looking forward to photographing my next Alderley Edge wedding.

wedding flowersclose-up of the flowersAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-6tight make-up photographybig hugdress looking greatstunning photo of bride before alderley edge weddingchurch in alderley edgeAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-17the boysyellow blue themeAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-19guests having a great timeAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-23here comes the brideAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-27int he weddign carAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-29children arriving at the churchnervous groomAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-31lookign back at his brideAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-34first kissAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-36Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-37windy veilAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-39Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-40Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-41more hugswind is catchign the veil and blowing itAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-46Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-47Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-47aAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-48confetti conesalderley edge confettinatural bride groom portraitsalderley edge weddingsnatural wedding photographyAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-55alderley edge wedding photographydavid stubbs photgoraphyAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-58alderley edge wedding photographerfestival hallwalking towards festival hall in alderley edgeAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-62Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-62aAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-63Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-63abaloonsone balloon in the skyAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-66room set-up at festival hallAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-69Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-71Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-72Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-79Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-80natalie loweAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-83Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-84Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-85dads speechgreat time at speeches in alderley edgeAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-88aAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-89Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-90Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-93Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-94Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-95Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-96wedding photographyAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-98Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-101Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-102Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-103Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-104dancing at wedding photopatel elvisAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-107Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-108Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-109sun out in the veningAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-112Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-112aice cream van at wedding mr whippyAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-114Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-115havign fun at weddingwedding guestspizza van italian weddinglaughing his head off at weddingfirst dance photo Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-123Alderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-123aAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-123bnatalie low strictly come dancingkissAlderley-Edge-Wedding-Photographer-129party time wedding photography

 Alderley Edge Wedding Photographer David Stubbs – June 2014

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