Abbeywood Estate Wedding – Tom & Natasha


Abbeywood Estate wedding photography

What an amazing Abbeywood Estate wedding! When I met up with Natasha and Tom a few weeks before the wedding for their pre wedding shoot in Manchester, I knew it was going to be a cracking day. This was my first time at Abbeywood Estates and as a wedding photographer I was spoiled for choice with photo opportunities.

Wow! What a day! Beautiful bride and groom and the most incredible light to play with for most the day, a photographers dream. This isn’t a Abbeywood Estate wedding that I will forget in a hurry. The Glass House was set up so lovely for the ceremony and made for the perfect ceremony venue.

Tom works as an astrophysicist and had requested that, if the opportunities had presented itself, a photo of them both together with the stars overhead. We were so lucky on the day, the clouds parted, and after a few attempts I captured one of my favourite photos of all time, you can even see the Milkway in it.!!

To Tom and Natasha, I know you had the most amazing wedding and it was a joy to share it with you. All the best for the future. I’m now very much looking forward to my next Abbeywood Estate wedding!


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Abbeywood Estate wedding photographer David Stubbs © 2013

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